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    QD has always practiced world-changing innovation, and strives to create maximum value for end-users in the most sincere, professional and responsible attitude. Rooted in QD genes with deep innovation, long-term struggle spirit, we believe that science and technology will bring people a better life and future.

    ? QD Vision     啟道愿景 —— 成為全球客戶信賴的射頻微波行業合作伙伴!

        To be the trustworthy partner with global customers in RF&Microwave industry.

    QD Mission   啟道使命 —— 卓越品質成就美好事業!

        Strive for excellent quality to achieve a great career.

    QD Values  啟道價值觀 —— 客戶第一,正道成功!

        Customer first, to succeed in the right way.

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